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Mothers have been charged with sexual abuse for selling the daughters to brokers who supply girls for the sex trade. If the families can't pay their daughter are taken.A Thai sociologist told National Geographic's Noel Grove: "The girls most vulnerable are those whose parents cannot afford to send them past the compulsory sixth grade of school.But even so child prostitution is still widespread, and for every place that has been shut down in Thailand a new one has sprung up in Cambodia or elsewhere.

There are probably less than that now as the practice has gotten a lot of negative publicity and there have been crackdowns.The teachers now see the trafficking problem passing through a worrisome transition. Brazen agents still stop by to flatter and wheedle the 12-year-olds when the teachers are not around.Mothers still try to pull their daughters out of school.Three more years of school give girls the maturity and skills to resist being drawn into bad situations." One girl who begin her life of prostitution at the age of 14 told Grove: "One day a woman came to my employer's house and asked if I wanted to go to Bangkok and take care of children, at nearly twice my salary.She took me there and left me in an apartment, locked in a room.

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