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However the late Gaudy Welsh always has the manufacturer's name on the items, as opposed to the early wares which were 95% unmarked. I truly love it and am so grateful you took a chance on Florida again. The lid has no damage,so it has been well looked after over the years. This set is particularly nice as it has a pink/purple lustre hand painted background addition which shows as a really lovely pattern.c1850in excellent condition (small firing flaw underneath the cup) £65 the set Superb Cambrian Swansea pottery pouch jug/Dillwyn period in hand painted Gaudy Welsh colours c 1835.

Please refer to the end of this section for Gaudy Welsh Reference Book. I can't wait to get it into my other home and behind the glass lighted cupboard. Please ask for full description of this lovely item,and such a great age!! This is a lovely Swansea jug in excellent condition.

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Although these latter names have only been heard in South and West Wales. This is a really lovely capacious jug,of a good size,measures about 8inches tall.Lovely little cream jug, made in Staffordshire in c1830-40. The photo doesn't do justice at all,as it is delightful in the hand,with gleaming colours and a bold design.Measures about 5.5 inches tall and is in good original condition.An animated series from the mind behind Each band member possesses their own naively sociopathic tendencies, and they generally fail at doing anything not related to music, partying, or contract negotiation.(Hell, they can't even get grocery shopping right.) The five generally leave most of their business and legal affairs in the hands of their longtime manager, CFO Charles Foster Offdensen.

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