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This causes them to break up temporarily but they soon start dating again, saying they can wait to have sex.

Darren has his circumcision in secret, telling Jodie he is on holiday.

When Harry issues Vanessa with divorce papers, saying he can convince Jodie to turn against her, she tells him he is not Jodie's father.

Harry sends Jodie to live with Vanessa, and he later tells Darren he is not Jodie's father.

However, she is delighted that he would have asked her.

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Darren is unsure at first but goes to propose, but she stops him as she was not serious.Their relationship gets off to a rocky start, especially when Darren accuses Jodie of stealing his World Cup tickets, but eventually they agree to have sex.However, when Jodie sees that Darren is not circumcised, she explains that she is Jewish and cannot have sex with a man who is not circumcised, though she does not go to a synagogue.Darren tries to win Jodie back by trying to explain that he had a circumcision but she will not listen to him because he did not tell her about Max and Vanessa.However, she finally reads a letter he wrote and they reunite.

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