How the web became a sexists paradise obsessive internet dating

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Althouse herself said that I should have "worn a beret... All this on the basis of a photograph of me in a crew-neck sweater from Gap.I won't even get into the hundreds of other blogs and websites that linked to the "controversy." It was, without doubt, the most humiliating experience of my life - all because I dared be photographed with a political figure.

They've basically told her that as a blogger she should expect this kind of stuff, that she should grow a thicker skin, and that "if she can't stand the heat, she should get out of the kitchen"." What if you don't have the skin of a rhinocerous?Or what if you do have pretty thick skin, but threats of sexual violence towards you are a step too far for you?Kathy took the time to read it, and then sent me a comment thanking me for it. Sun Microsystems have formally recognized her as one of their top three Java instructors in the world.Kathy founded, one of the most successful technology sites on the web.

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