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I would also add the importance of compromise and friendship.There will always be a need to give and take in a relationship, without keeping score. This is why having a good friendship with your partner is important.Q: What are the dangers of hooking up with a stranger? A: There are many dangers to meeting people this way. How would we know we are not being lied to or catfished?(Catfishing is the act of luring someone into a relationship with a fictional online persona.)Additionally, there are certain experiences that we miss out in online dating, such as tone of voice, body language and sometimes even personality. You only know what the other person wants you to know about them.

Remember to view online dating as a platform for you to start knowing someone new, but focus on getting to know them better through face-to-face conversations and a real date.“Also, because of the abundance of matches from online dating, many singles are getting very picky or tend to be super judgmental.“They easily reject matches for superficial reasons. When you have too many filters, you’re limiting your chances.”Lim cautions that if you agree to meet in real life someone you met on online dating sites or apps, always meet in a public place, and the most casual time of the day is lunch.“Meet over lunch and don’t put too much pressure on yourself.

Q: In your view as a marriage counsellor, what forms the basis of a good relationship?

A: The basis of any good relationship is the same: respect, trust and communication.

Sometimes, those expectations are purely superficial and do not necessarily contribute to compatibility.“I’m not saying lower your standards. If you don’t feel comfortable, you can always excuse yourself by saying you need to head back to the office.“With the rise of online dating, we see an increase of love scams worldwide as well.“More and more unsuspecting singles have been taken advantage of and cheated of their money.

Do take note and do not fall prey to scammers.”‘Online dating is easy, but be careful’ JEAN-MARIE Selvam, marriage and family therapist at Rekindle Centre for Systemic Therapy, offers some tips for online dating hopefuls.

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