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They keep their licenses and a blind eye is turned to the illegal activities through bribes to the police.

Super night clubs serve as places of introduction between prostitutes and clients.

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Prostitution also occurs in 'bars', especially in the Hamra area of Beirut and in Maameltein. They usually have 'secret' rooms at the back and the women, mostly Egyptians, Syrians and Sudanese, are controlled by a "Mom".

You can chat with women visiting your city and get to know local women when travelling to a new city, as well as updating your travel plans and destination.

The women must live in hotel room, often adjacent to or in the same building as the club.

They must be in the hotel between finishing work (5am) until 1pm. The telephone number and car registration of the client must be recorded when the women leave the hotel. Prostitutes needed to be registered and were only allowed to work in licensed brothels.

To obtain a licence they had to be over 21, not be a virgin and have undergone a medical examination. It also criminalised anybody facilitating working outside licence requirements.

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