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If it does, it will try to sync back to Outlook's Sent Items folder. It can take up to 24 hours to be synced correctly, however.

If you attach an email message (using a or file) to a message in Outlook, recipients using Exchange won't be able to read the attachment.

' folder which is used by Outlook in Danish language (DA).

This can be caused by upgrading Outlook (not a clean install) - Upgrading Outlook to a different language version or applying a language package in an older version of Outlook.

If this is a frequent problem, you should avoid enabling New Event notifications for any calendar other than your primary calendar.

There might be a problem with your Windows registry settings.

It stores the rest (up to 25 GB) in the cloud, where they’re accessible from the Gmail interface.It can look like there are multiple copies of the message in Outlook, and the size of your local mailbox (PST file) can be larger as a result. Deleting it from one folder deletes it from the other folders, too.G Suite doesn't allow sending or receiving executable (.exe) files and some other types of file attachments.Or, increase the size limit of your PST file in Outlook.If you send a message with large attachments over a slow connection, the connection can time out. By default, the timeout is hard-coded to occur at 90 seconds.

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