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Giovanni first sends out a Rhyhorn, who effortlessly beats most of Red's Pokémon, but Red manages to pull off a double knockout with his Hitmonlee.Red then sends his Charizard against Giovanni's Rhydon, managing to defeat it.Recalling a diary he encountered during his travels, Red deduces this to be an artificially made Pokémon named Mewtwo.After receiving advice from Oak about the stones Fuji had given him, Red goes to confront Mewtwo, finding it to be incredibly powerful.After fighting several battles, catching wild Pokémon and acquiring data for his Pokédex along the way, Red comes up against Blue and is completely overpowered by his Squirtle.As Red feels dejected over his defeat, he meets a man who teaches him about the bond between trainers and Pokémon before directing him to a nearby town, Viridian City, where he can heal his Pokémon.

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Red infiltrates the Silph Company, freeing all the imprisoned scientists and Pokémon, and receiving a Lapras in gratitude.However, he discovers that Blue has beaten him to the title of Pokémon League Champion.In order to obtain the title for himself, Red challenges Blue to a battle.After facing many more battles and earning two more Gym Badges, Red arrives in Lavender Town, where he hears many rumors about ghosts roaming around the Pokémon Tower, a Pokémon cemetery.Before heading to the tower, Red goes to a shelter for abandoned Pokémon, where he meets a girl named Reina, along with a Cubone who became orphaned after his mother, a Marowak, was killed by the nefarious Team Rocket. Fuji, has gone by himself to the Pokémon Tower, which has been overrun by Team Rocket.

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