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After the child refuses to nap, the nanny then proceeds to yank her up by the leg and spank her.For many parents, it's very stressful when they have to leave home and hire someone else to take care of their young boys and girls.Not to mention that there are many stories of nannies abusing children, so the situation becomes even harder to deal with.Unfortunately, the next story we are going to discuss falls into that category.The children’s mother ran back home to stop the abuse, and the nanny was arrested.Sometimes when something's wrong, children will be vocal about it with their parents.The children’s mother hired the nanny from the website After she was caught on tape and the mother confronted her about the situation, Cash was arrested and charged with child abuse.

This is because photographs and video recordings are great ways for us to remember important things such as holidays, birthdays, graduations, and other big events that might become faded in our memories over time.After they discovered what was going on, the parents posted the video online for others to see.The last thing parents expect when meeting someone and hoping this person will be fit to babysit their little girl or boy is to later on find out that person whom they put so much trust in is abusing their child.Some parents can immediately pick up on whether or not a man or woman will be fit for babysitting their children - it's a basic instinct for parents to be very protective of their children.But in other cases, individuals can be known to be very good at hiding their abusive behavior from others.

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