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While Peru’s landscape isn’t as beautiful because of the lack of green, the flip side is that it never rains.I’m writing this in Arequipa and I haven’t seen rain in over six months.Colombia, on the other hand, is picturesque throughout.Road trips are like going through the ravines and valleys from the old 80s and 90s action flicks where gringos shoot up cartel bad guys.Colombia has less indigenous influence because the land had no giant civilization like Incas, Aztecs, or Mayans.The lack of Indian labor required Spanish colonists to import African slaves, so unlike Peru there is a significant black population in Colombia with its own distinct culture.The growth prospects of each are among the world’s strongest, but Colombia’s growth is stronger. There’s a student visa, but then you’d have to study part-time.I know some gringos who married Colombian women to stay legally in country ().

At first she was taking bona fide vacations: Bolivia, Argentina, etc.

Sep, 2012 by Colin in colombia, peru Colombia and Peru are similar in many ways – both are economically hindered by impossible geographies of Andes Mountains and Amazon rain forest.

Both suffered decades-long insurgencies from leftist guerrilla rebels aiming to overthrow the state (FARC and Shining Path, both still operational but the former more powerful).

Catch me on a day when I’m soaked, cold, and tired.

Dealing with the rain is a major part of life in Bogota and greater Colombia.

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