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When I tell him he's not what I expected, he nods."When people meet me, they say that I'm really kind — contrary to a lot of my music."When talking about his art and his career, Tesfaye is blessed with a towering self-confidence and has no hesitation about declaring his own greatness.wants to know: Is "the way a girl's vagina looks a direct indication of how much sex she has had?

(Ladies on the dancefloor, beware.) Welp, sweet dreams indeed!"Feces and vaginas are always a bad idea—not because getting turned on by feces is bad, but because bacteria in feces isn't vagina-friendly and can lead to infections," Dr. She suggests using gloves—and lots of plastic wrap—to keep feces from coming into contact with skin and genitals. "Some men ejaculate more than others, and ejaculations can vary from orgasm to orgasm.As long as you're not in pain and the sex you're having is consensual, rock it out and enjoy," Dr. And if your guy comes a lot, just keep a towel nearby.confesses: "I had sex with some uncooked pizza dough." He adds: "In short, it was one of the best things in my life." This American Pie-esque reveal raises the question: What do you do if your guy likes having sex with carbs or other foodstuffs?Well..your guy enjoys boinking pizza dough, be sure that he uses a condom, Dr.

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