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Some fetishes are too simple to be called a perversity, while some overshadow the word. Do you fantasize about your partner in the nude in public? [Read: Exhibitionism for the shy] Or secretly wish your partner could dress in different clothes and put on a character while having sex with you? A sexual obsession that is related to physical intimacy and sex is an essential part of your bedside behavior.Having a sexual fetish Do you get turned on by your partner in tight leather? [Read: Sexual role play] Does your partner love a good threesome? [Read: Threesome sex] Or thinks that doing it in the car is actually exciting? Most people refer to such an obsession in common language as a sexual fetish. In medical or psychological terms, a sexual fetish is an object, a practice or a body part, that becomes the focus of a person’s desire while getting it on with a partner.Oh, and girls are totally in love with their stockings, garters, heels, and whatever else is there to tickle your f...Have you ever caught your partner paying just too much attention to your feet? Whether we realize it or not, all of us have our own sexual fetishes and sexual obsessions. Sexual fetishes in human beings vary from person to person.It's not a secret for anyone that many men would really like to work in a big office - and definitely not because they love sitting in front of computers all day long.

The site under review today is Only Silk and Satin - a mind-blowing softcore resou...

This is something bigger than just a softcore site - it is a whole network comprising 6 of them top-notch erotic resources. Even though the gorgeous lingerie models featured at Only Tease hardly ever (if ever at all) strip in front of cameras, the fact that they are damn appealing is simply impossible to deny.

The way they spread their legs with pussies barely covered by thin fabric of panties and sheer nylon of their stockings or pantyhose, the way they pet themselves, the way they look into the cam almost begging you to come up and do them... JB Video is a porn site that takes pantyhose and stockings fetish action up to a brand-new level by bringing in a whole lot of famous porn stars that don’t mind giving their watchers around the world some proper nylon teasing.

Yes, you have a sexual obsession and so does your partner, but that’s no reason for you to worry.

The scientific term applied to sexual fetishes is paraphilia.

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