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In 1946 my Grandpa Bill bought his first newspaper, the Logan Republican. Well, Ive read some of my grandpas and dads early columns and I am glad to say that I come from a long line of some terrible writers!

Seriously though, some of these columns were very well done and made me smile to think how far back my heritage in the newspaper business goes. KWIBS, of some form, has been a part of Kansas newspaper history for close to 75 years now, with a few years of gaps in between.

Not everyone is a Doris Sorg who can put up with me for 17.5 years and then give several months notice that she was leaving.Sometimes sharing those resources in a centralized location in rural Kansas makes sense. Two of which I really wanted to hire, but for various reasons, I could not make a decision. Lets be honest, we all turn to the courthouse news first and then go back and read the other parts of the newspaper.Dont worry, were not heading there any time soon as far as I am aware. It takes a person who loves their community to write about it. It's been a mission statement for us to, "Report the good news about our community." I always dreamed of one of my boys running the newspaper one day. I had floated that by Joey one day last summer and he said, "Youre job looks boring.Many people over the years have asked me, where the name came from.Now, the column name "KWICK KWIBS, Jr" by my dad, Ron Noland, came from his father (my Grandpa Bill).

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