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Thus, success, is the engine of evolution by natural selection.Every mating success by one person means the loss of a mating opportunity for another.

Darwin noticed that there were many traits and behaviors of organisms that could not be explained by “survival selection.” For example, the brilliant plumage of peacocks should actually lower their rates of survival.

However, in order for our genes to endure over time—to survive harsh climates, to defeat predators—we have inherited adaptive, psychological processes designed to ensure success.

At the broadest level, we can think of organisms, including humans, as having two large classes of adaptations—or traits and behaviors that evolved over time to increase our reproductive success.

It is possible that we have been taught these behaviors by observing others.

It is also possible, however, that these behaviors—the fancy clothes, the expensive restaurant—are biologically programmed into us. " However, we all know that our ancestors hundreds of thousands of years ago weren’t driving sports cars or wearing designer clothes to attract mates.

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